Hello from Lisa

Hello! It’s been a huge couple of months, so I thought I’d send you a quick update. You may have noticed my new profile photo. If you’re looking to update yours too, check out the amazing work of Kirsty Duchet. Whilst we’ve been delivering a range of team building experiences, development programs and coaching services to our clients, we’ve also been creating some big new projects which you’ll see come to life over the next few months. And I may have started writing my next book with my fabulous publisher, Major Street Publishing!
Coaching Clinic

I’ve just launched my new Coaching Clinic in time for your mid-year check-in (how are we in June already?!) My new coaching and mentoring programs are perfect for anyone wanting to change something in their life. After 20 years of coaching everyone from CEOs to elite athletes, I know exactly what really provokes growth and change. Perhaps it’s your career, or you want to get ‘board ready’. Maybe you want to run a marathon, write a book, or audit your entire life! Maybe you have no idea what you want, but know your life needs to be different. It doesn’t matter what the developmental need may be, I will challenge your beliefs, hold you accountable and be your number one fan. It will be confronting but empowering, you will get the plan you know you need and you will work hard. Through the process you will become more self-aware and understand what is required to be the very best version of you. In the spirit of time, just sharing 2 of the individualised programs that are available:

  1. Set yourself up for success – a 3 month intensive coaching program with multiple touch points including coaching sessions, check-in calls, development tasks and accountability strategies
  2. Half day coaching intensive – 4 hours of accelerated coaching to work on whatever it is most needs your attention; what do need to grow; develop, create or perhaps stop?

If the time is right for you, contact my EA Sarah (and the best time is always now.)

Keynote Speaking
I’ve recently been asked to do quite a few keynote presentations at large corporate events and have 5 new high impact and thought provoking topics ready:
1. Learning is so hot right now
2. The truth about success
3. Make it all stop!
4. Do you want some of this?
5. Career, talent and stuff
You all know this is my happy place. My speaking engagements this year have been a real privilege and I can’t wait to share new research and thought provoking coaching questions with these new keynote speeches. I’ve taken all my coaching, mentoring and consulting experience to address what’s taking up space in our heads and conversations. After working with some of the biggest organisations and most successful leaders, I’ve got some serious evidence about what works and what needs to be top of mind for many of us. For more details, get in touch with my EA Sarah.
In the Media
I spoke with Richard Wilkinson & Lara Vella on the importance of raising resilient kids on the Today Show
Did you catch me on the Today show where I spoke with Richard Wilkens and Lara Vella about the importance of raising resilient kids?
I also did a live radio segment on Radio 96five with Timothy Charles where we talked about why you should do a life audit.
And I told you I’ve been busy – have a read of my article in CEO World Magazine about the power of gathering your raging fans. It is strategic, emotionally smart and just one of the ways you can future-proof your career.
Are you Future Fit?
My good friend Andrea Clarke has recently released her new book Future Fit which I loved reading and know you will too. Andrea is a super cool human who draws on her reporting/ journalist background, making her an awesome storyteller. Andrea teaches you practical skills to become future fit with information on all aspects including personal brand, adaptability, communication, networking, creativity, problem-solving, leadership and one of my favourites – lifelong learning. It’s an easy read that will make you laugh and think.
Does your team or family need a beautiful place to rejuvenate? 
Some of you may have met the lovely Anna in my team and heard about her beautiful properties in and around Daylesford. If you’re needing a space to host a retreat, small team event, have a weekend away, or maybe you need a beautiful space for a celebration, then Casa & Co may be the perfect setting. I personally return to Casa Adagio at least once a year with my family. Anna has very generously offered my tribe a discount that I’d love for you to take advantage of. Just mention “LisaLove” when making your enquiry on the website and the team will look after you.
Thank you for taking the time to have a quick read of this newsletter. I do appreciate the opportunity to stay in touch with you. Love and hugs attached to you and for all the people you care about.
Lisa xP.S: if you’re not following me on Instagram, then you should.