Lisa is a breath of fresh air, an authentic voice, and a powerful advocate for people to step up and go after what they (really) want in life and work. She’s about emotionally intelligent living and thriving in a time-poor, complex and challenging world.

As a global speaker she brings over twenty years’ experience in senior management roles, entrepreneurship, executive coaching and event facilitation. She is regularly asked to play the role of Master of Ceremonies due to her ability to think on her feet and read the room. Notably, Lisa is the founding director of the internationally regarded https://whoamiprojects.com.au/ and the ‘I am statement’. She has worked all around the globe with her team of highly experienced facilitators and coaches.

She has many high-profile clients: Corporates such as NAB, Telstra, Macquarie, Treasury Wine Estates and Australian Unity know her well and entrust their most valued leaders with her team. CEO’s, celebrities, athletes, media personalities, senior leaders and talented individuals from various industries refer to Lisa as their ‘trusted advisor.’

2017 was a big year of speaking for Lisa. A quick look at Instagram will show you her frequent visits to America, the U.K and Asia to meet demand for her unique way of challenging people’s thinking.

More privately and personally, Lisa is the best secret-keeper around! She is challenging, known for going hard on the issues (but not the person) – asking the questions that hurt, dismissing the excuses, and holding people (teams, organisations and groups) accountable for their own successes and failures.

Lisa is a born coach, intuitive and empathetic, while also hard hitting and courageous in searching out each person’s barriers, reality and possibilities. She speaks to the heart of who we (each) are, what we (really) want for ourselves, and what we have to do (the work) to get from where we are to where we would rather be. Whether working with a crowd of a thousand or an individual, she is walking her talk and being her best self, building trust and relationships at the speed of light! She’s about transformational moments and BIG results. Watch out for her in the challenging time slot just after lunch, for organisers know her energy, humour and ability to work the room will re-focus and lift the crowd.

Lisa is a gifted storyteller who shares her own story, and oh my goodness, does she have a story to tell. She’ll share her journey, adventures, real-life struggles, successes and challenges. She’s wise, compassionate, flawed and fun – her sense of humour is legendary, sometimes inappropriate, always energizing. She’s a single mum to three, a world traveller, beach lover, and renovator. And she’s a bit obsessed with Instagram, all things Italian, good wine, and getting things done yesterday!

So who asks Lisa to speak to their people; who may benefit; who is her target audience?

Everyone! Anyone! She speaks at huge events and small, to new graduates through to those already at the top of their game, to those struggling and others who are thriving. Lisa is just as comfortable speaking with a group of 12 senior leaders as she is speaking to a room of 1000.